N3N Background

The Structure of Cybersecurity

AI powered

Stalten is world's first AI powered cloud based cyber threat, exposure & vulnerability management platform designed to make tedious cybersecurity processes easier for everyone.

Automate Everything

Stalten APIs are used to harness the untapped potential of Stalten. Gaining you full access to all the data processed and extract the information you care about.

Realtime Analytics

Streaming API provides you the ability to subscribe to realtime security analytics with necessary KPIs and insights.

Easy Integration

Stalten provides the easiest and fastest way possible to integrate over 100+ scanners and tools within the system. Using Stalten

Faster Threat Resolution

Stalten integrates within existing cyber ecosystem making efficiency a priority fulfilled within the organization

🌲 Stalten for Environment

Stalten runs on renewable energy achieving net zero carbon emissions. Our codebase is optimized to maximize our energy efficiency achieving upto 50%.

🎯 Join our Public Beta Release

You are invited to be an early insider of the technology that will keep you safe throughout internet.